Client and financial management through free software for SMEs

The financial management of an SME is a key element for the proper functioning and monitoring of the business. With a good administration of clients, sales, investments, expenses or personnel, in addition to an adequate economic control of the business, we will have plenty of data that will allow us to obtain statistics, reports, comparisons, forecasts and balance sheets at any time.

The resources available to an SME does not always allow the payment of private software for the management of their projects, finances and customers, since the cost can be high, even more if we need several licenses or users who can access the same software . collaborative way

One of the options chosen by many SMEs is free software or freeware , a set of free tools or freemium services that SMEs take advantage of to manage the business and take proper control of all their productive areas. The concept of free software has evolved a lot in recent years, and now the market offers us a variety of high quality tools that make it much easier to manage small and medium businesses with zero and very low expenditure in this type of software .


A sample of the evolution of free financial management or customer software in recent years is the growth of its market. These tools, which usually have complete free services and other freemium modalities , have generated interesting income for developer companies that have gone from 7,924 million euros in 2008 to 51,022 in 2016. The forecast continues upwards, although the large emergence of software free has occurred in the last decade.

In the case of the European market, Spain is the fifth country in market value of the continent , just below Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy, and therefore Spanish companies have managed to find the market niche of the tools free for companies, mainly in financial and customer management.

The tools and types of free software to manage SMEs range from very basic programming for fundamental processes, totally free of charge, to freemium models with many features, at low cost, and with specifications that allow you to create custom software for your company.

Also in terms of type of programs, if we think only about accounting, the usual free management software has the objective of economic control of the business, starting from revenues and expenses, and shelling out all the accounting operation of the company that includes more complex processes as the tax declaration or the management of the personnel.

Also at the accounting level and broader, in terms of business development, we find the ERP tools , in what is closer to a planning system of all the resources of the company.

If we refer to free software for customer management, CRM is the type of program most chosen by SMEs. Its development, designed for the client, allows the company to record absolutely any relationship that exists with a current or potential client, so that we can extract data, reports or statistics quickly to know the status of our client portfolio, the actions carried out in the last month or the number of calls made after one year, for example.

To all this we must add the possibility of having free accounting software or customer management in the network, with a great growth in the use of cloud computing by SMEs and the advantages that it entails.


It is headquartered in Spain (Pamplona) and with international clients. Your Commerce and Business Suite has been extended since its inception in 2001, and is currently present in more than 60 countries thanks to its extensive network of partners .

Some of its clients are, for example, Decathlon India, with its Openbravo Commerce Suite solution ; the fashion brand ETAM , with Openbravo ERP ; or platform selling leisure products Offerum , also Spanish and presence in Spain and Italy.

In terms of Open Source CRM , Zoho CRM has become a world reference. For this, you just have to read the name of some of your clients, such as Amazon India, the French electricity company Selectra , or the leading Australian security company Southern Cross Protection.

Undoubtedly, the growth of free management software has been great news for SMEs and large companies that have found the perfect formula, in the form of ERP, CRM or other software , to manage their business with free programs, adapted to their needs. needs and with very low costs.

Summa Advisory has extensive experience in the implementation of business solutions for companies of different sizes and sectors and has found in Odoo the perfect tool that adapts to each and every one of its clients. Among the success stories of Odoo, they have CRM and financial management functions, extensive experience in POS implementations, manufacturing processes (MRP), as well as project management and human resources management.

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