Cyberphysical Systems: the response to the needs of society and industry

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the main novelties of today give way to evolutions in new technologies of tomorrow. In recent years we have seen how the concept of the Internet of Things was taking shape. It is estimated that the number of connected devices will grow from 10.3 million in 2014 to more than 29.5 million in 2020 . At present, the market already has all kinds of interconnected devices that meet new needs of society and the company.

However, what seems to be the most futuristic technology of today already has very relevant perspectives and future trends that will give a new dimension to the Internet of Things and other technological concepts that do not exist today.


The companies of today already show us clear examples of what the application of the CPS supposes. An interesting case is that of the world leader in machine tool innovation, DMG Dori . Thanks to the cyber-physical systems, the devices-tools of industrial use that the company manufactures now have a saving of 30% in the operating times and 50% in time and effort to calculate the technological values ​​or the search for important information.

In the case of Spain we find companies that are already part of the well-known Industry 4.0 or ‘intelligent company’. The Navarre company Kunak , for example, applies cyber-physical systems to, through sensors that they themselves manufacture and market, to provide intelligence to industrial facilities and processes, improving their control and productivity dramatically. Volkswagen is one of its customers, among many others.

Another case is Embeblue , which designs and manufactures very small electronic devices, economical and with a reduced energy consumption, but with very specialized sensors, together with advanced communication protocols, which allows its use in various fields such as telemedicine, home automation, devices for smartcities, warehouse management, geopositioning …


The arrival of Cyberphysical Systems to different disciplines of technology, business or society will be identified especially in some technological areas:


The software development will be clearly affected and improved by the Cyberphysical Systems. With the optimization of processes and a much higher degree of interconnection we will have more intelligent, dynamic and flexible programs. The security or the possibilities of changes in real time will be some of its tangible improvements in the coming years, among many others.


Together with the software, the services based on it will have many more infrastructure capabilities and will generate applications and products with greater benefits than the current ones.


If the cloud and cloud services have become very important in the last decade, the Cyberphysical Systems will grant you a more relevant dimension if necessary. The CPS will allow to execute ubiquitous systems, greater adaptation and multiple possession , something that all types of devices on the market can benefit from.


It seemed complicated that the data could be even more important for some companies or society itself, but the Cyberphysical Systems, with a greater interconnection between any device, will make the data can be processed or distributed at a higher speed, in more quantity, variety and with greater security in all processes.


As a great technological improvement for the coming years, the Cyberphysical Systems will have a direct impact on the company and its future prospects .

Having a greater capacity of interconnection, adaptability or greater and faster exchange of information can suppose an enormous competitive advantage for all types of companies, either for their internal operation or for the benefits of their products and services .

In general terms, the four elements mentioned above will be a great support for SMEs and large companies.

The internal software of small, medium or large companies will see an important evolution that will affect many processes of the company. Faster programs, more interconnected with other devices or processes of the company, and much easier to mold, will allow companies to adapt more quickly and efficiently than with past technologies.

The same will happen with the software designed for products and services . A gadget created by a company, for example, will have features that are always more powerful than the current ones in terms of speed, security, interconnection, etc. and they will be easier to update and maintain, which will be an important advantage for the client.

In the case of the cloud, internal and external application for companies will bring new benefits. Information and possible processes in the cloud will also be faster, with multiple, simultaneous and more secure processes.

Both for information and internal activity of the company, as well as the creation and development of solutions based on cloud computing, Cyberphysical Systems will have a very clear positive effect and, with this, they will allow much more attractive services for the market.

Finally, Big Data will take a more evolved dimension than the current one in which there will be much more information available, and this will be able to travel faster, generate multiple processes and a greater analytical, measurement and processing of data in real time.

The faster handling of Big Data will improve the processes and dynamics of the companies, on the internal side, and of all the solutions and services that have the interconnection of data as a technological base.

The hardware (semiconductors, PCs, tablets, servers, storage, peripherals), the IT services, the internal IT itself or the software integrated in vertical market products will be other of the great beneficiaries of the CPS.

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