Asset management  cloud management software – a delimitation

The concept of buying a SAM tool ensures proper SAM; If implemented correctly, this SAM method can reduce the risk and assist in planning software use that has dominated the market for many years.

For cloud services, cloud service providers confirm the use of the software (consumer).

Sounds good – in the future we will not need a SAM tool or a SAM team, right Not completely. The use of cloud services requires a very sophisticated and completely different view of managing IT licenses. Therefore, managing licenses or even managing software assets is still necessary.

Besides the fact that it will take a long time for any software to be moved to or from the cloud, software asset management, at least for the on-premise software, will retain the existence of the world. old.

Managing IT licenses is not just about ad space

The new threat of cloud usage is over-utilized because cloud operators report, track, log and record each time they use it to generate payments. Risk under license and audit – none.

 The software asset management moves back a little closer to the special interest groups and their business purposes, because of their need for flexibility, cost consciousness and additional muscle definition. Department for contract parameters.

Asset management software becomes user management. Other IT departments have suddenly become the focus of license management to use the cloud LDAP-AD management, IT procurement, IT security. The identification of individual users after authentication (the name is clear , email address) of the vendor must not be forgotten. For every single user of Office365 – so everyone. Should the involvement of the project committee be considered for its ability to measure the performance of individual users Or privacy rights for disclosing personal information to third parties

Technically, there should be an extension of the interface to determine actual usage, such as cloud tracking, but also for IO and other performance surveys or to verify indirect usage. Is the technology fully available, should it be renewed, replaced or just added

While asking yourself these questions, be sure to update the SAP licensing model, from individualized user to bulk licensing to handle work – and suddenly robots and machines become machines. broadcast license request. And whoosh we have, talking about technology, has come up with the 4.0 industry, with closed networks and cascading and machine software, but that’s going to be discussed elsewhere.

SAM can be more compliant

Consider this and the continuous use of cloud updates, it is clear that SAM is more, and can do more compliance. The technological changes and challenges of using cloud services are the transformation of software asset management and IT license management.

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